DrugLog is a combination of hardware and software and, through a patented process, can detect both the type of drug being prepared and its concentration, prior to patient infusion. The process has the potential to reduce the risk of errors in drug handling and the associated consequences (misdosing, death).


DrugLog Pharmacy Prototype Version



DrugLog Flyer

  • A desktop version with disposable UV-transparent cuvettes, a wide spectral light source and a high resolution UV_VIS spectrometer.
  • Covers a very wide range of medical substances.
  • Is used for internal pharmacy QA, providing an independent check of the actual substance before delivery to the clinic.
  • Provided with a label printer so that each preparation that has been tested and approved can be marked.
  • Calibrated for a certain range of drugs.
  • The calibration process is so simple that users can add new drugs to the library themselves.
  • Fast and simple to operate with intuitive touch-screen menus. Less than a second from question to answer.